We provide fun, challenge and adventure to
girls and boys in Goring-on-Thames
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About us

We are a thriving Scout group serving young people in the local community under the umbrella of the Scout Association. We also help with some local events, e.g. putting up party tents for the 10K run and school events.

Our group consists of a group scout leader (GSL), section leaders, section assistant leaders, a quarter master and several helpers. Everybody is a volunteer. We always need more help to keep running the events for young people: contact us if you are able to give some time.

We run a Beaver Scout colony, two Cub Scout packs and a Scout troop.

The 1st Goring-on-Thames Scout & Guide Group is an autonomous organization holding its own property and equipment that admits young people to Membership of either the Scout or Guide Group on the basis that it is autonomous but otherwise subject to the Policies and Rules of the respective Scout or Guide Associations.

The 1st Goring-on-Thames Scout group belongs to the 1st Goring-on-Thames Scout & Guide Group, together with the 1st Goring-on-Thames Guide group and the Group Executive Committee. The Group Exec manages the business affairs of the 1st Goring-on-Thames Scout & Guide Group.